Healthy playing surfaces, protected ecosystems, and improved water quality isn’t environmentalism.

It’s the future.


The data is clear: Healthy soil is better for your turf, your course and your business.

Unlock Soil’s DNA

The Branch Creek Soil Health Test reveals if your soil is helping or hurting your operation.

Three tests. One Purpose.

Use Less Chemicals & Water

Nutrient Biological Test

The Branch Creek Nutrient Biological Test lets us get “under the hood” of our greens and begin to understand how our fertility programs and cultural practices affect soil biology and outcomes.

Water Test

Since the dawn of time, soil and water have been interconnected. The Branch Creek Water Test is designed to show how irrigation water is impacting soil health.

Vitality Test

The Branch Creek Vitality Test captures the third essential element of the soil health triangle by determining the availability of nutrients to the plant as well as the soil’s ability to sustain biological activity.

The Green Sports Alliance: For healthier, safer places to play.

Branch Creek is proud to join major sports organizations across the country as members of the Green Sports Alliance, dedicated to making the spaces where we play and live healthier and safer.


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