Our Products

High-performance BC Bio True Granular microbial fertilizers are scientifically formulated to not only make your golf course tournament-ready but deliver a strong and healthy root system throughout the seasons.

TriForce™ is a three-way blend of Paleo, Colony™ and BioGrowth that is formulated to replicate and enhance the biological response and nutrient release that is created by photosynthesis.

Chemical fertilizers work like energy drinks, boosting plants temporarily at the expense of soil health. Our certified organic Prebiotics do better, nourishing the soil beneath plants so the entire ecosystem can reproduce and thrive.

Depleted soil has had its biology stripped by toxic chemicals. Branch Creek probiotics bring biology back, giving soil the digestive system it needs to absorb nutrition and grow healthier lawns.

Our Evo™lution grass seed is specifically designed to mitigate weeds. Evo™lution is uniquely resistant to disease and requires less water and plant food compared to traditional grass seed.

Branch Creek Lawn bug busters get rid of a variety of insects (including grubs) by working with soil’s biology – not against it.

Branch Creek Lawn weed killers make a serious dent on nature’s eyesores. When used with other Branch Creek Regenerative Turf System™ products, they reduce unwanted growth without compromising soil.

Green Seal Certified Entry® — the first 100% chloride free liquid ice melt is safer for pets and plants. It’s better for the ecosystem, your drinking water and the planet. Above all, it clears snow and ice faster than granular ice melt products.