SatusteamTM Technology KILLS WEEDS WITH WATER!

For leaders who choose to save their community and the soil from the harmful effects of chemical weed control practices.

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Product Highlights

Love yourself

Effective chemical weed killers affect your health just as much as they affect the weeds, but at a much slower rate. Why choose to be exposed to chemicals when you can Satusteam those weeds away?

Soil health

While chemical weed control is known to damage soil health over time, Satusteam prides itself in improving microbial activity even after the first treatment!

Breath easy

Satusteam is saturated steam and boiling water and one of the most efficient organic weed control systems available! It is safe to use the treated area immediately after a treatment. Can it be any simpler?

Safe and faster

Your family, friends, pets and employees are safe from exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals. Since Satusteam is 3x faster than hand weeding, you can enjoy more time doing what you love!