Grub Shield

Kill and Repel Surface-Feeding Insects and Grubs Without Harsh Ingredients.

Grub Shield is natural and eco-friendly, a powerful synthetic pesticide alternative that reduces potential negative impacts on human health and the environment. Grub Shield contains a unique combination of botanical oils, oyster and clam shells.

Grub Shield provides significant benefits including:

  • Controls surface and sub-surface insects
  • No pH sensitivity
  • Does not break down with UV light
  • Will not tie up with thatch, micro-organisms are free flowing

Additional information:

  • For grubs, apply one week prior to when larva first emerge and are in the first instar.
  • Chinch bug control can be achieved at any stage of the life cycle.
  • Sandy soil may have reduced efficacy due to lack of soil micro-organisms. For better results tank mix with Colony™ Complete.
  • Product must be watered in to reach target insect.

How it works:

Oyster and clam shells contain chitin. Chitin is a long-chain polymer found in the exoskeleton of insects, fungi, yeast and algae, and in the internal structures of other vertebrates. When digested by micro-organisms they release chitinases. Chitinases are enzymes that degrade chitin, weakening the exoskeleton of insects, causing breaks in the body and interrupting the molting process.

Chitin is used by plants to increase cell wall density. Thicker walls make it harder for fungal pathogens to penetrate into the plant. Fungi exoskeleton contains chitin. Chitinases will breakdown pathogenic fungi in the soil.

Botanical oils have a number of advantages for controlling insects. They are virtually non-toxic to humans and other mammals, and are relatively safe to beneficial insects in the landscape. They control a wide range of common soft-bodied pests including chinch bugs. Botanical oils coat or damage the protective coat of soft-bodied insects causing them to be smothered or dehydrate. Botanical oils also act as antagonists, driving grubs away from root zones and deeper into the soil.

EPA REG NO. FIFRA 25(b) Exempt
Active Ingredient Eugenol 1.5%, Soybean Oil 1.5%,
Rosemary Oil 1.5%, Cinnamon Oil 0.5%
Sesame Oil 0.5%
Formulation Liquid
Package Size 1 Gallon Jug (4 x 1 Case)

Application Programs

Application Rate:

32 oz. per acre or .75 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.

Minimum water volume of 1 gallon per 1,000 sq.ft.

State Registration

New Hampshire
New York
New Jersey