Organizations Collaborate to Advance Certified Organic Growing

SOUDERTON, Pa., June 13, 2018 – Branch Creek CEO Nate Clemmer announces a professional partnership between Branch Creek and Rodale Institute, citing the organizations’ shared commitment to the advancement of scalable, regenerative certified organic farming.

“Rodale Institute is an organic industry pioneer and esteemed source of knowledge, and its team has worked closely with Branch Creek as we’ve developed our product line. This is a natural partnership for Branch Creek as we strive to make organic growing more accessible and more commonplace,” says Clemmer.

Branch Creek inputs put scalable organic growing in reach of farmers, bridging the gap between the demand for organic crops and the realities of organic production. Its liquid and granular fertilizers are designed to do better by water, soil, and living things.

Rodale Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach. For nearly 70 years, the Institute has been researching the best practices of organic agriculture and sharing findings with farmers and scientists worldwide.

“Consumer demand for organic food is at an all time high, yet only one percent of American farmland is certified organic. Companies like Branch Creek are much-needed catalysts of change, providing a bridge and solution-based products that help farmers transition from conventional to organic practices. By restoring farmers’ soil and bringing its microbiology back to life, we’re not only mitigating climate change and considering human health; we’re creating massive financial opportunities,” says Jeff Tkach, Rodale Institute’s Chief Growth Officer.

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